Newton Filter Product Details

Crafted with advanced technology, Newton Fluoride Gravity Water Filter Cartridges combine a silver-impregnated ceramic micro-porous outer shell with granular carbon core technology. This unique combination enables mechanical filtration and physical adsorption processes, effectively reducing a wide variety of contaminants that impact water quality and safety.

The filter cartridge's ceramic shell not only eliminates suspended solids, pathogenic bacteria, and cysts but also provides ample contact time with the granular carbon core to enhance taste and odour. Additionally, it targets fluoride, chlorine, chloramine, volatile organic compounds, MTBE, lead, mercury, asbestos, arsenic, and pharmaceutical compounds for comprehensive water purification.

Designed for convenience, the ceramic shell is easily cleanable, ensuring continued performance and longevity. Trust the Newton Gravity filter element, to surpass ANSI/NSF protocols for cysts, turbidity, particulates, lead, heavy metals, pharmaceutical compounds, chloramines, and chlorine reduction (Class I).

The Newton Fluoride Gravity Water Filter Systems and Cartridges are engineered to deliver outstanding results, backed by rigorous testing and adherence to industry standards.